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Unified manner

2016-06-26 作者:admin

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Unified manner

Development of logistical team as Hedong group office as the group's headquarters, reflecting the company's image, the property company's service team in daily management plays an indispensable role, from the beginning to enter the door of that a moment, the property team work bit by bit in the presence of mood and experience. With our growing stronger, as the company an important link, will not be able to drag, but should keep up with the company's development needs, to comply with the corporate culture, and strive to become a unity, understanding, to be the same as a common goal of struggle, has a common value outlook group, do group of solid screw nail.

(unified work image)

The normal work of the unstable team by Tan in the logistics group as a unit, each link should be strict. Our commercial real estate department under the leadership, the implementation of the first asked for by the person responsible for the management, Sun Chang specifically responsible for the daily management for the following aspects, improvement and adjustment: first, property security cleaning team rectification in years after the security personnel, the work quality, service, attitude of misconduct, when found the problem, we immediately make adjustments in the shortest time clear unqualified staff, recruited into more matching job security personnel, and this incident to the security, cleaning staff thought rectification and discipline to rectify, to protect property and orderly development.

(regular training and regular) 

second, security work process specification in order to effectively carry out the work of safety management, is advantageous for the daily security management, according to the actual needs of work, the preparation of the < job security management rules >, from every detail requirements and specifications of the security work, put an end to any error or omission in the event the occurrence. The image of a unified work we specifically for security and cleaning with the uniform, unified image, standardized management. Property identification and plants dotted in the company lobby equipped with plants, add a little color, in the stairwell and elevator equipped with the ban on opium smoking and the opium trade and prompt.

(new logo and five plants)

held regular meetings held once a month in the formal property property for the property of the meeting, to solve problems in time, ensure the normal work of promoting, while promoting the problem of instant communication, to work effectively as the standard, to the quality of work for the purpose, to promote the work. Six, the monthly assessment for the monthly assessment of the property, and rewards according to their performance, to improve work enthusiasm, improve work efficiency. Through the above measures, took two months to perfect the system and the implementation of team cohesion has been greatly improved, work efficiency has been improved significantly. However, this is only to start, we will persevere, to be honest, the letter, to really look, together to create unity, positive, hard property team, do the logistics group of special forces. The Department of commercial real estate / Map Wen Sunchang June 2, 2016